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Thursday, September 30, 2010

New Terms Coined About For Goodness Grape Products

Here a just few new terms coined about For Goodness Grape products during the Kevin and Amanda feature review and giveaway that I absolutely loved  and I think you will too!

Dessert on a Stick
Guilty Pleasures
This is like blowing your diet without any calories! :)
Dessert on my lips? Yes please. :)
My nose hairs are dancing with excitement and anticipation!
So incredibly delicious!!!
I hope I win!! I want to smell like sugary food!! :)
I feel like I have yummy smells just swirling about in my mind! I can't help myself...
These look decadent!
Jelly Doughnut!! Mmmm, makes me hungry!
I want to win - -you have me drooling for some Goodness Grape! I never had a lava lamp :(
Smells like a bakery and no calories. Definitely a win, win situation.
And to think all of this and NO calories... SIGN ME UP!!! :)
Oh my gosh!! HEAVEN!!
My mouth is watering right now! Yummmmmmm!!!!!!
You had me at Frosted Pink Sugar Cookie

Thank you to everyone that has entered so far and for saying such 'GRAPE' things! :)



kranberrie said...

Seriously?! Yum. I love you guys and Kevin and Amanda so much, you're all so funny and sweet! :D Where can I get this stuff??

Miss Val's Creations said...

Fun post! I love it!