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Saturday, July 2, 2011

GUESS and WIN - Get a FREE I Want it All Grape Perfume Collection - Dum-Dum Mystery Flavor Lip Candy

Remember the Dum Dum Pop with the mystery label…you know the one with the question mark on it. These are made with a combination of 2 different flavors which is how my version was made. It’s just a yummy and sweet as one of their mystery pops but without the sugar and calories :) And I’m not telling what flavors are in it…you’ll have to try to guess :) If you guess correctly you will win my I WANT IT ALL "THE GRAPE PERFUME COLLECTION" WITH YOUR CHOICE OF 4 PERFUME STIX :) FREE Valued at $21.00!

ForGoodnessGrape Dum-Dum Mystery Pop Contest

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